Melody’s music is heartfelt, with a mesmerizing voice.

– Joel Lage

wonderful voice!

– Romona Montaño

Melody’s vocals make me feel like I have been rescued by “Sister Midnight”, with a bonus of Chocolate Cake and good coffee on the side.

– Jaff Noël Seijas

To hear Melody sing brings me pure joy. The lyrics and chords flow opening up and expanding my heart. Her songs have brought belly laughs and tears of sorrow connecting deep within my soul.

– Pamala Dean

Thank you for another fine evening of listening to your rich voice and sharing your musical journey. It is a joy to introduce friends to you!

– Ani Garrick

… velvety, sultry and original.

– Lucy McCall

Melody’s voice at times can remind the listener of a cross between Sade and Annie Lennox, but at all times she is wholly original.

– James Jason Duckett

Melody’s voice is a cross between Joni and Carol King. Racy, sultry, earthy. The kind of music you want to listen to while kicking up your heels. Her voice is magnificent, melodic. Where have you been Mel?!

– Toni Leigh

Melody’s voice is smooth and sultry…quality whiskey on a chilly winter evening.

– Wayne N Rene of Bittersweet Highway

[She sounds like] Chocolate pudding with red chile.

– David Hinske

Velvety vocals, like molten dark chocolate sliding down the side of a crystal goblet of a really phat, complex red wine. Deep, sensual, from the soul and like NO ONE else. ❤

– Linda Stokas

sultry and very original.

– Ron Hagg

I love Melody’s music. Her lyrics especially, but also her soothing and seasoned voice. My favorite piece by Melody is “Famous Last Words”, one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard.

– Slade Harte

[She’s] a writer and singer of heartfelt and bluesy songs but watch closely for that impish wink and grin as we confront the irony of love and life.

– Josie Lenwell

Powerfully compelling and energized by compassionate musician and voice. A whole new arrangement that fills the heart with memories and passion!

– Fidel Butch Montoya

Smoky smooth torch singin’ vocals with masterful timing/phrasing in her delivery of jazz ballads and her Gospel chops are to levitate by!

– Stephanie Lee Monsanto

If you’re not careful, Melody’s smoky voice will transport you to a blues bar in New Orleans or a nightclub in Casablanca.

– Laurie Mitchell Dunn

Thoughtful, beautiful and clever.

– Kay Kay Valentine Smith

I could listen … and listen … and listen some more.

– Teddy Mason-Sherwood

Deep roots in jazzy blues. Wry lyrical delivery engages the imagination as smoothly seductive vocals envelops the ear with intimate familiarity. Discovering the new horizons in electronica of CallingSisterMidnight from atmospheric to funk & groove is always a satisfying adventure.

– Les Lokey